Small Plastic Tanks

Small Polypropylene Tank With Standard Polypropylene Support Girth


Small is a matter of opinion, right?  Well, compared to the massive plastic tanks we make these are relatively small.  They're high quality, sturdy, and made to the customers specification.  Note that on most of our tanks the bottom extends past the sides.  Instead of making it flush with the tank and welding into a small chamfer, the extended bottom panel allows for a high quality weld or three for a sturdy, high quality joint.  Let be your high-quality plastic tank fabricator.  Do it once and do it right!


Pair Of Small Plastic Polypropylene Tanks With Steel Girth Enclosed In Polypropylene


Plastic small polypropylene tanks are used for:


  • Plastic tank for anodizing

  • Passivating polypropylene tank

  • For electroplating with harsh chemicals and acids

  • Heavy duty small parts manufacturing processes

  • Anodizing tank impervious to many acids

  • Heavy duty small pickling tanks

  • Process smaller tanks for manufacturing

  • Small wash and rinse tanks

  • Galvanizing in a small tank

  • Many more, just ask!