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If one of our stock sizes won't work for you we can custom fabricate to your specifications so if you'd like to get a quotation please email your drawing in PDF format. 


Basic information on your drawing should include:

*   Dimensions of length, width, and height in inches clearly related on the drawing (not randomly stated) and indicate if dimensions represent inside or outside the body of the tank. 

*   Wall thickness.

*   Location and size of any fittings. 

*   Tank must be fully supported so indicate desired support(s). Or will you be supporting in a frame?

*   Chemical solution including percentages that will be in the tank, and minimum and maximum operating temperature.

*   Desired material.  95% of our tanks are made of polypropylene.  We can make a suggestion but ultimate choice is up to you.

Once we receive your drawing we will let you know if it's something we can quote and if so we can make suggestions as to material type, wall thickness, supports, etc.  Customer is to determine suitability for requirements.

Have a hand sketch?  We may be able work with a decent hand sketch if you include the above information.  Scan it as a PDF.

Please email your drawing in PDF format to

Please note that we serve industry and government only.
We do not respond to private or individual requests.