Plastic Chiller Tanks


Plastic Polypropylene Chiller Tank Industrial
Plastic Chiller Tank With Flanged Inlets And Outlets And Drain Sump
Here is one of many polypropylene chiller tanks we made for an industrial process.  This one is made from 1" thick polypropylene and has three 6" flanged  inlets on one side and three 6" flanged outlets on the opposite side.  Where the 4" flanged drain sump is located you can see the shadow of a verticle divider splitting the inside into a hot side and a cold side; warm coolant returns, mixes, then exits to go another round in the coolant loop.  there's an overflow fitting near the top and fittings on the side for level sensors.  The tank is elevated with risers to allow for the sump protrusion beneath the bottom.  Although this adds significant cost compared to a simple drain, the customer wanted a drain sump to ensure 100% evacuation.  This tank made of polypropylene is also supported with steel tubing enclosed in polypropylene which was another customer request.  The steel can be eliminated with internal supports that are just as effective.


Tall Divided Industrial Chiller Tank, Polypropylene



Chiller Tank Internal Supports With Holes For Flow



If you need a plastic chiller tank for your industrial process look no further.  Manufactured by Plastic Fabrication Services, Inc. (, industrial chiller tanks made of plastic, primarily polypropylene and are deemed excellent for the chilling process.  Why use expensive stainless steel when you can use plastic?  Chiller tanks are custom fabricated of plastic to your specifications so send us your drawing or sketch along with your specifications for a price quotation.  Plastic chiller tanks don't rust; this is the number one benefit because you will no longer have issues of rust and scale from metal tanks clogging and damaging your pumps and other system components.  Plastic chiller tanks are rust and scale free. Chiller tanks usually have a divider so there's a "hot" side and a "cold" side, but we can make most configurations to suit your needs.  Dividers usually sit off the bottom allowing mix-flow but that's up to you.  Multiple flanged or FNPT inlets are possible and can be located to suit your needs.  Send your drawing and we can quote a price for your polypro, P.V.C, or other plastic chiller tank.



Chiller Water Tank Interior Showing Baffles With Holes For Flow. Tie Plates Hold the Sides Of This Polypropylene Together


  Plastic Industrial Chiller Tank  With A Hot Side And A Cold Side.  Flanged Outlets Near Bottom.  With Flanged Returns At Top



  Return Fittings For Chiller Tank Hot And Cold Side



Plastic And Rubber Return Elbows Near Top Of Plastic Polypropylene Industrial Chiller Tank




Tall Industrial Chiller Tank, Polypropylene, To Fit In A Narrow Space



Labyrinth Of Tie Plates And Dividers Inside Of Enclosed Plastic Chiller Tank



Plastic chiller tanks are used for:

  • Industrial cooling process plastic chill tank

  • Cooling for plastics molding machinery

  • As a plastic tank coolant reservoir for skyscraper conditioning and large building air cooling systems

  • Chiller tanks made of plastic for manufacturing operations where a rust-free coolant system is desired

  • Heavy duty industrial chilling tanks that can't rust

  • Coolant system tank made of polypropylene

  • Ethylene glycol tank PVC or polypro

  • Large commercial aquariums, aquarium chillers

  • Many more. Ask!

Tanks are custom built to the customers specifications.  Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Give us a call or email us a sketch to discuss your chiller tank needs.
Fabricated plastic chiller tanks are for INDUSTRIAL CUSTOMERS ONLY!