Plastic Plating Tanks

If you need plating tanks made of polypropylene look no further.  Fabricated by Plastic Fabrication Services, Inc., polypropylene tanks and our plastic plating tanks are heavy duty welded construction built to your specifications.  Many include steel supports, gussets, shelves, lids, dividers, access openings, and inlet and outlet fittings in FNPT or flange format.  Customers have us fabricate their plastic tanks for plating lines, plastic tanks for anodizing lines, tanks made of plastic for pickling lines, galvanizing processes and other plastic industrial process tanks.  Tanks can also be used for an industrial cleaning or prep line.

Narrow Polypropylene Plating Tank With Steel Tube Support



Polypropylene Plastic Plating tank
Here's a narrow plastic plating tank made of thick polypropylene,  because the sides are much longer than the ends it was necessary to include a steel tube girth enclosed in polypropylene.

Heavy Wall Polypropylene tank
Here's a good view of the underside of the top flange on this polypropylene tank used for electroplating.  This one did not have the optional gussets.




  Tanks are custom fabricated to your specifications so send us your drawing or sketch along with your specifications for a price quotation.  Whether you need a single plastic plating tank or an entire plating line of tanks, we can get it done.

Gigantic Polypropylene Plastic Plating Tank For Dipping And Electroplating
We've made scores of these large plastic plating tanks.  Customer required a heavy duty polypropylene tank for an acid bath, rinse, and electroplating process.  For this giant plastic tank for plating, four courses of polypropylene-enclosed steel were necessary for support along with vertical polypropylene supports.  Every plating tank we make regardless of size is filled with water and tested before it leaves our manufacturing facility to ensure a leak-free unit.  Click here for more information on how to get a quote on your large or small plastic plating tank.


Anodizing Tank, Polypropylene Construction
This tank was requested by a customer that does anodizing.  Steel support with gussets under the top flange and made of 3/4" thick polypropylene.

Polypro Anodize Tank
Rinse tank for anodizing line.  Custom fabricated to the customers drawing



What is a plastic plating tank?
A plastic plating tank is a tank constructed of plastic such as polypropylene or PVC for the purpose of electroplating, etching, anodizing, pickling or other processes.  Plastic is used for the plating tank because it is resistant to most chemicals that would quickly corrode a metal tank.  Depending on the plastic plating tank environment, aggressive chemicals, operating temperature and most importantly, operator care, a plastic plating tank can last months, years, or decades.

Plastic plating polypropylene tanks and PVC tanks are used for:


  • Electroplating in a plastic tank

  • Plating line that is rustproof

  • For plating with harsh chemicals and acids

  • Heavy duty manufacturing processes

  • A plating tank impervious to many acids

  • Heavy duty pickling tanks

  • Process tanks for manufacturing

  • Wash and rinse tanks

  • Galvanizing. Tanks for the galvanic process

  • Many more, just ask!


Email or give us a call to discuss your plastic tank needs.
Fabricated tanks are for INDUSTRIAL CUSTOMERS ONLY!