Available Plastic Tank Features

Bolted Access Door And Flanged Pipe Connection


There are many standard and optional features on a fabricated plastic tank or assembly. This is a general reference of what is available but may not be included on your particular project so be sure to inquire.  Half and full coupling FNPT pipe connections,  Flanged pipe connections,  Bolt down cover,  Gussets for additional strength,  Screw-type fill cover, access cover,  Interior tie plates and baffles,  Steel tube girth(s) enclosed in plastic,  Risers to raise the tank off the floor or allow underneath access,  Drain and vent fittings,  Overflow fittings,  Overflow Troughs,  Slanted bottom in one or two planes,  Clear viewing window,  Interior dividers,  Hinged Cover,  Removable flat or shoebox-type cover,  Drain fittings,  Level sensor fittings,  Motor shelf.



Welded Plastic Gussets For Flange Support




Interior Baffles And Tie Plates



Stainless Steel Inlet/Outlet Fittings



Polypropylene Inlet Flange With Gussets


Round Access Cover Screw On/Off



Steel Support Before Being Covered With Plastic




Inside View Of Steel Support Being Welded