Plastic Fabrication Services, Inc.

We are a custom fabricator of Plastic Tanks and products.  

We custom build to your specifications.  

We are available to offer design and material suggestions after you submit your RFQ.  We have over forty-two years experience in the field of plastic fabrication.
Please note that the ultimate design is up to you and that you are to determine the suitability for your requirements.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have.
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and items that we have completed for customers across the United States.   

Please note that we service industry and government only.  
We do not respond to private or individual requests.
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We are here to help with all of your fabricated plastic tank requirements.  Plastic Fabrication Services, a Quality fabrication and manufacturing facility which serves the needs of Industry and Government all across the United States.  

  This is an Industrial website.  We serve Industry/Government and Industry/Government only!  We produce a Quality product  at a commensurate price.  

If you want The Best in your product and the assurance of dealing with a World-Class Fabricator, stick around.  Welcome to Plastic Fabrication Services, Inc.  We welcome your business.  


We Custom Fabricate To Your Specifications.


Who We Are and What We Do

Plastic Fabrication Services, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of custom fabricated plastic tanks.  With over 42 continuous years experience in the building of plastic tanks we have secured our place in industry as a high quality fabricator of plastic tanks and components.  Whether it's a plating tank, a dip tank, plastic rinse tank, or rust-resistant chiller tank or industrial process tank we can most likely tackle the job.  We have made thousands of plastic electroplating tanks, polypropylene process tanks, PVC chemical tanks and polypropylene chiller tanks for industrial chillers.  We have hundreds of sheets of various materials on the shelf including PVC and polypropylene, acrylic and polycarbonate, ready for your next project.  Tanks are usually made to order from customer blueprint from which we cut and then weld the components together before hydro-testing.  Plastic tanks can be enclosed with tie plates and/or baffles, or externally supported with plastic supports and/or steel tube enclosed in plastic.  The customer makes the determination of suitability for its' requirements prior to order.  So if you're looking for a single tank or an entire set of plastic tanks for a plating line or process line send us your drawings via email or fax and we'll take a look and let you know what we can do.


About Plastic Tanks

Plastic tanks offer excellent chemical-resistance in corrosive environments where present are strong acids, degreasing agents, electrolytic attack, and organic solvents. Our plastic plating tanks, process tanks, and other tanks are built for the specific needs of a wide array of industries and businesses.